DRASA is an equestrian sport called Competitive Trail Riding, where we focus on paced distance and horsemanship, thereby promoting a long lasting relationship with your horse. Any and every horse and rider as a combination can participate as it is an exercise in strategized pace riding and a sport where the whole family is encouraged to participate.

This is NOT a sport where speed is your ultimate goal. The event results are based on a horse/rider combination and although a timed event, the combination with the highest score over three categories win, even though they may ride at the minimum speed set.

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Come Ride with us

Do you enjoy social rides, the wonderful trails and beautiful scenery, the getting away from it all, the bonding with your horse on a ride?

Come ride with us in a sport that promotes safety, sportsmanship, education and horse care through qualified evaluation of horse and rider by veterinary and horsemanship judges in a fun, responsible, family environment!


Are you newcomer wanting a relaxed and friendly environment where you can learn about paced, judged distance riding?

Experienced Rider

Are you an experienced rider who enjoys long distance riding and wanting to learn extra facets such as pacing and being judged on your horsemanship skills?

New Horses

Do you have a green or new horse needing to learn the ropes about group rides and distance riding in a safe and controlled environment?

Old Horses

Do you have an old horse you'd like to still ride and compete on, but in paced events rather than speed events?



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