Welcome to DRASA and thank you for being interested in joining our journey into a safe, friendly distance equestrian sport.

We are an official Discipline affiliated to SAEF, South African Equestrain Federation, the regulatory federation controlling all organized equestrian sports in South Africa.

As such, we have to abide to the SAEF organisational structures and the entry level into any equestrian sport is through the SAEF club structure. All clubs offering Equestrian sport have to affiliate to SAEF by being a recognised club on the SAEF database.

There are formal requirements to be so, one of which is having a valid constitution and bank account and Management committee nominated and voted into their positions by the adult members of the Club.

Please contact SAEF offices to get more information or go onto the following website https://saef.org.za/participate/club-information. Members may affiliate to clubs that offer the specific disciplines they are interested in competing in their area, district and province.

Each discipline has specific criteria for the club to affiliate to them. For DRASA our criteria for club affiliation is to hold one distance ride a year, supply two members to be trained by DRASA as Horsemanship Judges and to nominate and appoint a DRASA representative (paid up member of DRASA and SAEF) on the Executive of the Club.

The DRASA Representative then will be responsible for the DRASA membership in the Club and fulfil the following duties:

If no club is currently available in your area which is affiliated to DRASA you may need to affiliate to an existing SAEF club in another area, but still within your province.

Please let us know in that case, otherwise we can assist in creating a DRASA affiliated club in your area providing there is enough demand and at least 10 members willing to affiliate to this club.

So once you have found/created a club affiliated to DRASA and had 2 judges trained in the Horsemanship judging you can start planning to host a ride.

One means in which we assist you is through this manual which is intended as a check list for ride managers for them to use uniform procedures in all DRASA sanctioned rides.

How to...