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Come Ride with us……

Are you a newcomer who wants a relaxed venue with friendly assistance to help you to learn and experience a distance ride?


Are you an experienced rider who enjoys long distance riding?


Do you have a green or new horse which needs to learn the ropes?


Do you have an old horse you'd like to still ride but at shorter distances?


Do you enjoy social rides, the wonderful trails and beautiful scenery, the getting away from it all, the bonding with your horse on a ride?


Come ride with us in a new sport that promotes safety, sportsmanship, education and horse care through qualified evaluation of horse and rider by veterinary and horsemanship judges in a fun, responsible, family environment!

What is DRASA?

DRASA is an equestrian sport called Competitive Trail Riding overseas, where we focus on distance and horsemanship, thereby promoting a long lasting relationship with your horse. Any and every horse and rider as a combination can participate as it is an exercise in strategized pace riding and a sport where the whole family is encouraged to participate.

This is NOT a sport where speed is your ultimate goal. The event results are based on a horse/rider combination and although a timed event. The combination with the highest score can win even though they may ride at the minimum speed set.

Interested?......... Read on

The proliferation of “fun rides” currently happening is worrying as these rides are not regulated at all, with no affiliation or compliance to SAEF or horse welfare rules. In DRASA there is a place for you, even if you only want to ride for pleasure or fun. We would like to bring these “pleasure/fun” riders into a club base, as well as offering a discipline affiliated to SAEF where we can regulate the speeds, distances, horse welfare and improve and educate riders in the necessary skills to ride long distance with the same horse for years and years.

We promise:

  • At DRASA we promise to listen to the needs and voices of our members and by following the proposed constitution we can make this sport grow in the direction the majority of our members vote for…...Teamwork can make the dream work!
  • The “draw cards” for riders is the opportunity of recognition by awarding prizes for all winners of all categories as well as overall winners of the total distance
  • We will always strive to give recognition to the rider/horse combinations that epitomise the longevity of our sport- for example the DECADE Team ward and Kilometre awards for those combinations achieving these milestones.

How does it work?
There are three judging categories

  • TIME

The horse and rider combination that completes the accurately measured distance at an average speed closest to their nominated speed within the set minimum and maximum speeds receives the full amount of points allocated to the time category

The horse that exhibits the best veterinary condition and scoring based on accredited Veterinary measurements throughout the ride is the winner in the Equine judging section

The rider that exercises the best horsemanship throughout the entire ride is declared the winner in this category.